Making Water Everybody’s Business!

The Malta Water Association’s goal is to help protect Malta’s water resources for future generations from irreversible damage, and ensuring resilience for potential climate change threats.
We aim to achieve this by engaging with stakeholders and the public at large towards a courageous water policy that enforces water as a public good (rather than a privatised commodity); and establishes water pricing that reflects its true value – while suggesting alternatives.
Since 2011, MWA has contributed to the water cause by making a case for an integrated policy framework as a basis for a National Water plan, engaging with politicians & stakeholders, providing concrete viewpoints and expectations, supporting educational visits or talks, enabling knowledge transfer, while incessantly raising public awareness.


Sewage – A Discarded Resource

Sewage - A Discarded Resource

Article about sewage treatment and reuse published on Times of Malta. Greta Muscat Azzopardi writes: When we think…

Will Malta’s Water Plan See The Light Of Day?

Will Malta's Water Plan see the light of day?

Article published on Times of Malta on December 11, 2014. Vincent Gauci writes: Never have Malta’s groundwater resources…

Flood Relief Project – Will It Cope With Reality?

Flood relief project - will it cope with reality?

By Philip Grech The National Flood Relief Project (NFRP) nearing completion and reported on in The Times of…

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Toilet flushing is considered as the highest source of water consumption in households. There are lots of ways in which toilet water can be conserved; here is one of the easiest tips to implement. #e...

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Collaborating with Gabby Borg of The Gaia Foundation developing ways of managing the plastics problem at Ghajn Tuffieha Bay (Malta). The plastic brought in by the Sea has lodged itself into the soft clay at the bottom of the slopes. It will become part of Earth's geology unless we take it out (which I did!). ... See MoreSee Less

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Dear members, I'm a new member here. I'm currently doing an M.Sc in Environmental geography in Amsterdam and I'm looking into the water governance in Malta. I've been looking for Malta's National Water Policy online but I have not been able to come across it. Would you have an idea as to where I might have access to it? Thank you.
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