Gained his M.Sc. in Water Studies and Hydrology at the University of Malta in 1997 after having worked as a water treatment engineer since 1992. Building on his background in mechanical engineering, Marco gradually diversified his interests to include water and environmental issues and is today considered as being one of Malta’s leading hydrologists and water treatment engineers.

His green professional credentials go back to 1997 when he was involved in the preparation of the very first Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) carried out in Malta; in later years he was involved in the development of national plans regarding biowaste and stormwater, and was entrusted with the task of devising Malta’s strategy with respect to water within the national Climate Change Adaptation Committee. He is recognised as introducing anaerobic digestion technology to Malta, a process that converts organic waste into a biogas, a fuel.

In recent years, Marco invented and built the world’s first sewage-to-potable water plant for hotels (HOTER) and designed and lives in what is probably Europe’s only completely water self-sufficient home. He has also provided his water expertise to various overseas development projects as a volunteer, most notably in post-tsunami Sri Lanka and in Africa.

His work has won him international acclaim and various awards, and he was recently identified as being one of the 50 Most Interesting Citizens in the EU by BM8, a German TV documentary production company. The documentary was commissioned by the EU Parliament. His HOTER project also earned him a place as one of three finalists in the CNBC/Allianz Good Entrepreneur Competition (for the best green business idea in Europe), which was broadcast to a worldwide audience in December 2009. His house won the France 5 Report Terre 2009 award as the ‘Best Environmental Project in Europe”. His innovative GEO-INF sustainable drainage system (SuD) has been shortlisted for the Energy Globe Award 2015.

Marco Cremona was nominated and shortlisted for the Stockholm Water Prize 2012, the Nobel Prize equivalent for professionals and activists working in the water sector. On 13 December 2014, Republic Day, Marco Cremona was entered into the National Order of Merit – the highest honour awarded by the nation of Malta to its citizens – for his work and contribution in the water sector in Malta and overseas.

Marco Cremona is a founding member of the Malta Water Association.