The Enigma of Bacolod City’s Ruins

The Enigma of Bacolod City's Ruins

Despite their efforts to destroy it completely, The Ruins managed to withstand the flames and has since stood tall as a testament to resilience. Today, visitors are greeted with awe-inspiring views as they approach The Ruins. Its neoclassical architecture stands out against the lush greenery that surrounds it. As you step inside this magnificent structure, you can’t help but feel transported back in time – every corner tells a story waiting to be discovered. One of the most striking features of The Ruins is its towering columns that stretch towards the sky like ancient sentinels guarding secrets within its walls.

These columns were made using egg whites mixed with limestone – an unusual technique that adds another layer of intrigue surrounding this historical site. As you explore further into The Ruins’ grounds, you’ll come across beautifully manicured gardens adorned with vibrant flowers and fountains reminiscent of European estates. It’s no wonder why many couples choose this location for their prenuptial photoshoots or even as a wedding venue. Bacolod City’s Ruins Tales from the Past Nestled in the heart of Negros Occidental, Philippines, lies a majestic structure that stands as a testament the ruins to love and resilience. Known as The Ruins, this iconic landmark in Bacolod City has captivated locals and tourists alike with its rich history and haunting beauty.

The story behind The Ruins dates back to the early 1900s when it was built by Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, a wealthy sugar baron. Inspired by his undying love for his Portuguese wife, Maria Braga Lacson, he constructed this grand mansion as their family home. Unfortunately, tragedy struck during World War II when Japanese forces invaded the Philippines. In an effort to prevent it from being used as headquarters by enemy troops, Don Mariano ordered his workers to burn down the house. What remains today is a skeletal structure that exudes both elegance and melancholy. The Ruins stands tall amidst lush gardens adorned with bougainvillea flowers and towering palm trees.

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